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The NJIIS is the established statewide immunization information system serving as the official repository of immunizations administered to children in New Jersey. Some of the benefits of a statewide immunization information system were outlined on the NJIIS homepage.

The NJIIS has been operating since 1997 and contains over 2,895,143 demographic records of children, whose parents have previously consented to participate in the system. Most children are already enrolled in the system through the Electronic Birth Certificate (EBC) record process. Each year approximately 80,000 more newborns are enrolled into the system. However, to meet the full potential and functionality of the system for your office and your patients, your active participation is needed.

To participate, your office just needs an adequate computer and access to the Internet. New NJIIS users are required to attend a one day training session at available training locations. The NJIIS offers user support for system utilization through the provision of training sessions, help desk services, system enhancements and immunization program updates. There are no member costs or fees to participate in this state program.